Real Quick ! Do YOU know the Differences between an Assembly, a Fitting, and a Tune?


Assembly of a Bicycle new from manufacturer box. Bicycles are shipped in various pieces and components. These items may be very partially completed, to nearly fully complete but all shipped bikes will require assembly. Typically the concerns around improperly assembled bicycles, is primary steering or brake failure. This can be avoided by having the Bicycle fully assembled by an MBPRO. Please Note an Assembly is only an assembly of previous manufactured and fitted parts, shipped with the bike and in there current factory tuned condition without adjustment or modification by a MBPRO Tech.


Fittings are a crucial part of getting the best use, exercise, and enjoyment out of your amazing investment. But often overlooked is the safety aspect of having the bike completely fitted to your posture, leg length, arm reach, position of the handlebars, and seating. Along with tire pressure and truing adjustments to ensure the bike conforms to you, riding a fitted bike vs a non-fitted bike there is no comparison and no going back. It is amazing when it just feels perfect, completely safe and in control.


100% of ALL Bikes need TUNED a Tune is where the multitude of various bearings, gears, pulleys, chains, hubs, spokes, rotors, brakes, sprockets, shifters, wheels, tires, steering, and seating components are all tuned to respond properly to rider and situational inputs. Properly lubed (often missed in factory builds), all pivot points along with bolts and fasteners tightened and properly torqued to specifications. resulting in a finely finished fully functioning machine as engineered to work, maybe not how it was manufactured to work.



NEW BIKE DAY! - It is so exciting! - can't wait to get the Bike out of the box and ride it....we get it! the MBP Assembly Service is a full assembly of all unassembled components of your new Bike. From Handlebars, and Headsets to Forks, Wheels, and Cranks we make sure everything is properly attached and torqued to manufacturer specifications. We check the Bike completely for any shipping, or manufacturer damage/defects advise on modifications, general use and care and finally air the tires, lube the chain and all pivot points, test ride to make sure bike shifts and brakes. For E-bikes this will include Battery connections, power up confirmation, basic programing of display and its connections (lights/speed sensor/ect)as well as motor installs in the event not already installed

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Fitting Service

Our BASIC Fitting Services are designed for you to get the most performance, and satisfaction from your your riding experience. This is achieved by carefully approaching your bike as an extension of you, instead of something you ride. The bike will be perfectly adapted to conform to you, your posture and riding mission. For MTB's and Full Suspension Bikes this service takes much longer and is a bit more see below.

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Tuning Service

Tuning and keeping a Bike in tune is never ending but essential for your safety and the longevity of your investment. Albeit we have a separate page here dedicated to Tunes, and Service we will make a couple recommendations here. If you are having a Bike Assembled then we cannot recommend high enough that you have a MBPRO Tech perform a BASIC SAFETY TUNE and if your bike is a MTB then we STRONGLY encourage the COMPREHENSIVE TUNE.

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